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AEC Industry

We understand the connection of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry and the critical role that technology plays in supporting its people. The AEC industry relies heavily on technology to design, build, and maintain the built environment.

By providing reliable, secure, and efficient IT services & cyber security solutions, we help AEC companies focus on delivering exceptional results to their clients, without worrying about their IT support.

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From initial design to the completion of the build, architects need to ensure their projects are both bold and functional. Our IT services and cyber security solutions provide architecture firms with the tools they need to create innovative and safe designs, protect sensitive information, and maintain the integrity of their digital infrastructure.


Engineering projects require sophisticated technology and a robust digital infrastructure to function optimally. We offer IT services and cyber security solutions that help engineering firms design, build and maintain secure systems, protect critical data, and mitigate cyber threats so that they can focus on delivering innovative solutions to their clients.

Construction Technology


Construction projects rely heavily on technology and communication systems to ensure safety, efficiency, and quality. Our IT services and cyber security solutions help construction companies manage their digital assets, secure their networks, and protect sensitive data, so they can focus on delivering exceptional results on time and on budget.


As technology rapidly advances in the manufacturing industry, so do the potential cybersecurity threats. Our IT services and cybersecurity solutions ensure that your manufacturing operations are protected against system downtime, cyber-attacks, and data breaches. We provide custom strategies to handle day-to-day tech needs, IT system upgrades, and productivity enhancers like utilizing artificial intelligence for task automation.

Pharmaceutical / Biotech

The pharmaceutical and biotech industry is constantly innovating to bring new treatments and therapies to patients, but with innovation comes risk. Our IT services and cybersecurity solutions provide the necessary protection to keep your sensitive data secure and your operations running smoothly. We help you mitigate cyber threats and ensure that your focus remains on advancing the health and wellbeing of patients.

Transportation / Logistics

In the world of transportation and logistics, reliable technology is essential to ensure smooth operations. Our IT services and cybersecurity solutions help transportation and logistics companies keep on schedule, protect their critical data, manage risks, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. We provide the technology expertise you need to keep your operations running efficiently and securely.


For companies that require NIST or CMMC compliance, we offer tailored IT services and cybersecurity solutions to meet the strict standards and regulations of these frameworks. We understand that compliance is not a one-time event, but a continuous process that requires ongoing monitoring, management, and maintenance.

Our experienced team of IT experts can help your organization achieve and maintain compliance with NIST or CMMC regulations. We work with you to implement a customized plan to mitigate risks and meet compliance requirements.

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