How Long can your business afford to be down?

How much time can your business go without accessing its critical systems/servers?

How many hours of data can you afford to lose?

How many hours of business data can you afford to lose?


  • How much data exists on your critical business systems?
    Critical systems are the systems essential to your business operations
  • How often do you currently backup these systems?
    The time between each backup
  • How long does is take to initiate your recovery process?
    This is the amount of time that it will take you to prepare the systems for a recovery or restore
  • Are you recovering data from a local network or the cloud?
    This can affect the recovery speed
  • How many employees would be affected if the critical systems failed?
  • What would be the average wage of the affected employees?
  • What is the overhead cost per hour of the affected employees?
  • How much revenue would be lost as a result of the system failure? (A $1M PER YEAR BUSINESS GENERATES $120/HR.)

Total Downtime Cost (downtime * cost per hr)


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