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Cloud Services in Chicago

When it comes to protecting your business against cyber attacks, antivirus software is a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, for many companies, the list of security tools ends there.

Spot Migration has a proactive approach to cyber security that will help keep your business safe from data breaches, network security issues, and phishing attempts. Our security professionals have in-depth cybersecurity knowledge, making our team a perfect solution for improving your security health and protecting your business from online threats.

Get the Right Cybersecurity for your Business

Spot Migration provides Chicago with top-level cyber security and solutions. We minimize the risks your business faces by using behavioral analytics, improving your network design, and developing a security strategy that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

A successful business cyber security plan will help protect your data from outside threat actors, malicious insiders, and malware attacks. Additionally, our security solutions help improve company productivity by mitigating employee downtime that is caused by cyber security breaches and attacks.

The Spot Migration Difference

Many IT companies claim to offer cyber security solutions by installing software and reacting to attacks after they’ve occurred.

Spot Migration’s approach to cyber security is different. We understand the importance of security software , but also know that it can be ineffective if left unmonitored. Our team also knows the importance of every staff member having security awareness training and your business staying compliant with industry standards.

Our security professionals take each of these factors into consideration in order to build a security strategy for your business. We work to eliminate unnecessary risks, improve recovery time, and protect your data from internal and external breaches. Our cybersecurity professionals work to protect your reputation by keeping your records safe.

A Powerful Cyber Security Plan

We look at all your security assets and do a comprehensive cyber security risk assessment to determine your cyber security exposure and discover security vulnerabilities. We then develop a comprehensive security solution to tackle even the biggest security threat. Our in-depth evaluation reviews all components of network security, leaving no stone left unturned.

Devices Protection

Today’s business world is going far beyond desktops and laptops. We protect all company-owned employee devices including mobile devices and provide a clear set of mobile device policies. We then ensure they are followed through mobile device monitoring.

Email Protection

Even a simple email from an unknown source can be a threat. Phishing email threats are a common problem. They can range from a single email to a weekly email, severely disrupting your business. We set up strong virus protections and provide training to prevent employees from becoming susceptible.

Team Training

We provide ongoing team training for your technology team to keep them up to date on the latest cyber security threats. Our main business is fully managed not supplemental support.

Access Controls

Threats can come from your employees directly or indirectly. We can block security loopholes by requiring control access to sensitive systems and blocking specific individuals from unauthorized access. 

Systems Tracking and Performance

We ensure all systems function as they should, evaluating even small systems for cyber threats and ticket tracking systems to ensure all procedures regarding  fighting threats are followed.

Protection from Outliers

Many businesses house sensitive data such as information about customer credit cards, and these businesses may be working with you. We will put a network security plan in action that creates powerful security patches and guards against threats that come from other businesses you work with; including larger companies.

Book a Call

Book a call with the Spot Migration security professionals and allow us to build a complete security plan with customized cyber security solutions for your business in Chicago. We are your network security solution experts.


Q: What is cyber security consulting in Chicago?

A: Cyber security consulting is a service that analyzes the existing network security risk within an organization. After analyzing your environment, the consultant is able to design and implement a plan to better protect the business from potential threats and future attacks.

Q: Why is cyber security important in Chicago, IL?

A: Cyber security is important to Chicago, IL businesses because it protects digital assets, sensitive data, and personally-identifying information from threat actors who may seek to use or sell this data for profit or other types of personal gain.

Q: What are the requirements for cyber security jobs in Chicago, IL?

A: Cyber security jobs in Chicago, IL often require at the very least a bachelor’s degree in cyber security or computer science. Upper-level positions often require more training, certifications, and experience. In most instances, a clean background check is also a requirement and a felony charge can result in an automatic rejection for job applicants.

How does a multi-layered cyber security in Chicago work?

It’s about analyzing all storage and communication capabilities from top to bottom and ensuring your staff and business stays fully compliant with advanced protections.

How do you protect your business from constant cyberthreats in Chicago?

To protect against cyberthreats in Chicago, you should work with a leader in network security with the knowledge and staff to ensure protections are installed and maintained to combat any network security issue.

What is your risk exposure in Chicago?

The risk of exposure in Chicago is unfortunately high. The city is one of the largest cities in the US and one of the biggest financial powerhouses. Enterprise competition is stiff and data usage is extensive; therefore, the risk of data loss through cyber attacks is real.

Are you prepared for a cyber-attack in Chicago?

To be prepared for cyber attacks in Chicago, you should work with a business that can handle the extensive threats in today’s business world. With the value of data for your profit and growth, this is an area you don’t want to compromise.

Already doing something about cybersecurity in Chicago, but not confident it’s enough?

Contact us for a free evaluation. We can evaluate your current plans and systems to ensure your risk of data loss remains low.

Not sure where to start regarding cyber attacks in Chicago?

If you are a business in Chicago, contact us to find out how to begin your journey into strong and effective cybersecurity.

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