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Why is Technical Support Important?

by | Jan 12, 2021 | Best Practices, Business Continuity & Backup

Have you quietly been debating the answer to the question, “why is technical support important?” 

Many small business owners have trouble justifying the cost of technical support when they feel that it’s an unnecessary expense or that their systems are simple enough to handle on their own. Other times, managers wish to avoid paying for monthly services that aren’t necessarily used on a regular basis as a way of saving money.

If you happen to fall into any of these categories or if you haven’t committed to outsourcing this role, read below to find out why technical support is so important. 

Approaches to Technical Support

Most companies don’t offer an all-you-can-eat option. There is usually some sort of monthly cost plus pay-as-you-go services on top of that; whether it be on-site support, projects or higher-level strategy and consulting. Although pay-as-you-go technical support may seem ideal because you don’t pay for more than you need or have a large monthly bill if you didn’t require any type of help, this type of support can quickly become expensive when you do need it. 

Also, many companies bill for their services hourly, giving them a slight incentive to use slower, more time-consuming methods of solving your technical problems. 

Remote technical support is perfectly fine for problems that can be solved over the phone by an employee who has the time to explain the issue and follow the step-by-step repair instructions. The problem comes when something can’t be solved remotely. A certified technician will have to come to your location to solve those bigger IT problems, install hardware, or set up your network. This will ultimately come as an additional cost at an hourly rate which will start with them traveling to your office.  It is generally quicker to have a certified technician come to your location to solve those bigger IT problems, configure servers, or set up your networks. 

While pay-as-you-go technical support and remote support aren’t necessarily terrible options on their own, any IT services connected to an hourly billing model should be avoided at all costs. Diagnosing a technical problem can be difficult and overly time-consuming. This is why it is important to avoid an hourly billing model that allows another company to control what you pay. 

Fully managed IT support offers you the benefit of remote technical support for when it’s efficient to solve problems over the phone as well as on-site support for tougher IT issues. Additionally, IT companies that offer an all-inclusive service are proactive with their service since it is in their best interest to solve an issue before it becomes a real problem for your company. They also give you access to 24/7 support, helping your business continue to run, no matter the time of day or night. You can typically expect these services to be billed as a monthly package.

Business Benefits of Technical Support

When your employees aren’t concerned about solving technical problems or wasting time on hold while waiting for a big-box store support technician, they are able to do their jobs much more effectively. 

Your technical support team will help ensure the cybersecurity of your business and infrastructure by installing proper antivirus software, monitoring your network, and ensuring the overall security of your sensitive data. 

Businesses can also benefit from the fact that a technical support professional can maintain IT systems and make suggestions about needed hardware or software to meet your company’s goals and initiatives based on the custom IT strategy they have built with you. A fully functioning IT system will allow you to better communicate with your employees and clients, quickly solve business-related problems, and improve your operations and productivity overall. 

Because there are so many choices of hardware and software, it can feel impossible to make the right selection that fits your needs. A technical support specialist can help you make the best choice while also keeping your budget in mind.

Technical support can help to increase your profits, minimize the amount of technology-related stress your employees face, keep your clients happy, and ensure that you never miss a sale because of unexpected downtime. 

Outsourcing Your Technical Support

It is entirely possible to hire your own in-house technical support technician. Doing so is often prohibitively expensive and your budget may only allow for one employee specialist.

Unfortunately, having only one team member will mean that they eventually need time off, sick days, or may become overwhelmed with the number of service tickets. This will leave your business in quite the predicament.

Instead of hiring your own in-house technician or team, opting out of technical support entirely, or relying solely on remote or pay-as-you-go support, you could choose to outsource this role to a fully managed IT company.

When you outsource this business function, you should seek an IT company that has experience with providing this type of support, has friendly service, and is always working to expand their technical knowledge. 

Spot Migration fits these criteria perfectly, with years of IT and technical support experience, the friendliest staff, and of course, our ability to stay current in the world of technology. And perhaps most of all, have removed the hourly billing model from their business completely. 

If you’d like to see how we can create and implement a technical support strategy that fits your needs, or would like to better understand why technical support is important for your specific business, book a call with us today.

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