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What is the Going Rate for IT Services

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Business Advice, Pricing & Cost

Business owners are often curious about the cost of IT services, whether their service provider’s hourly rate is too high, and if the value provided by a flat monthly fee is warranted.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to the first two questions because there are so many variables across the United States. However, the going consensus is that the support services offered by mature MSP companies are well worth the cost and will usually save money versus paying for the billable hours of an experienced consultant.

We’re going to look further into the going rate of IT services and the reasons that you should immediately look into the service plans offered by flat-fee service providers.

The Average Hourly Rate for Support Services in North America

The United States alone is an incredibly large country that varies widely in the cost of IT support services – taking Canada, Mexico, and even Central America into consideration only adds to the variation. With this said, you can generally expect to pay certain hourly rates based on the size of the IT firm, experience level, and scope of work. 

Smaller IT companies will have lower overhead costs which often translates to lower rates. Similarly, larger IT companies may have a higher combined experience level than small firms which means that they can ask more for their support services.

IT companies employing 5-10 people may charge as little as $100-150 per hour; an experienced consultant who operates as an individual may charge around $80-120 for each hour. Firms that employ more than 10 technicians can charge $150-225. 

Hiring an in-house IT consultant could provide more bang for your buck but there are also drawbacks to doing so. In Chicago, you may be able to hire an IT manager for around $118,000 on the very low end of the pay scale – to employ someone with more knowledge, you will likely pay around $130,000-150,000

Unfortunately, this only covers the cost of a single employee and doesn’t account for the benefits given to people in these roles. Choosing this route can also mean that your company doesn’t have IT support services when this team member inevitably requires sick days, medical leave, or vacations. 

There is also the potential for problems to arise that require more experience to solve which will increase the overall cost of your network administrator.  

What Can You Expect to Pay for Managed Services Support?

Internal and External IT Support Teams Working Together

Alternatively, you can choose to use a provider who offers IT support and consulting services as a plan covered by a flat monthly fee. The fees that are associated with managed service providers will vary based on your location, the market price, and how many employees you have. 

With this said, a managed service plan may initially seem costly but will include access to 24/7 help desk support, network monitoring, anti-virus software, computer updates, remote or on-site service calls, as well as IT projects.  

Because of the flat rate pricing strategy, there is no incentive on the provider’s part to increase billable hours which means that IT problems are addressed and solved in an efficient manner. There also isn’t a minimum hour requirement; many firms will charge 1-2 hours per call, even if the solution only takes 30 minutes. 

A mature MSP may offer an all-encompassing rate based on the size of their client’s business. All-encompassing rates tend to provide the best value because they cover every aspect of your IT department.

Our IT Support Service Packages

At Spot Migration, we want business owners to feel comfortable with the level of service they choose. To ensure this, we offer both complete and supplemental IT services. 

For companies that already have an IT department and are simply looking to enhance their resources, our supplemental IT support services are ideal. We can help your team wade through any backlog of issues and help further their success. 

Companies that lack an IT department yet still need support or consulting services can benefit from our fully managed IT support program. We can remotely monitor your network, provide security, maintain servers, and perform backups. 

Our plans offer the in-person or telephone support your end-users need in order to improve their productivity and decrease the frustration from problems with technology. We never charge you extra for labor, guarantee one of our qualified engineers is working on your issue within 1 hour, and assign you a CIO to help you make strategic IT decisions for your business.

The cost of IT services doesn’t have to be based on the number of hours a technician spends with your company or how many service calls you make. Our flat rate pricing strategy gives you a fixed monthly fee that only changes when your company grows.

Our service includes IT projects, labor, upgrades, and installs. You’ll always know how much your bill is, when to pay it, and never be left with an unpleasant surprise. If you’re ready to see what our managed services plans can do for your business, book a call with Spot Migration today.

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