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What is Advanced Manufacturing Technology ~ Spot Migration

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Business Continuity & Backup

Advanced manufacturing technology involves design innovation and advanced engineering. It is essentially the way that manufacturing has transformed from what we would consider traditional manufacturing. Advanced manufacturing is customizable and customer-focused rather than the mass-production involved with traditional manufacturing


Manufacturers can transform business development in a lot of areas with advanced manufacturing technology. New technology and processes create workflows that are both efficient, precise, and consistent. When you have greater precision you have less wasted time and money. 

How Advanced Manufacturing Technology Can Improve Your Business

Manufacturers use technology in all phases of manufacturing. From the planning and design to the final product quality. They rely on information communication technology to connect the machines and create seamless business operations. 

Advanced Manufacturing’s innovative technologies give a company’s processes:

  • Increases in quality
  • Flexibility
  • Reduced time to market
  • Less wasted raw materials
  • Fewer materials needed to store
  • Efficient transfers of information 

There are some circumstances where traditional manufacturing is still used. These are long, predictable product assembly lines. Advanced manufacturing can accommodate different product requirements and specifications. It allows for customization that you can’t see with those long dedicated traditional processes without a large cost attached to it. 

Advanced manufacturing gives you custom manufacturing while still keeping costs low.

Types of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

There are different types of advanced manufacturing. We’re going to look at the benefits of additive technology, robotics/automation, laser machining, and IT integration. All of which can give you a serious competitive advantage in your industry. 

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the process of creating complex assembly lines. These technologies make the processes quicker and more precise. Examples of this are 3-D printing and laser printing systems. They allow for more accurate planning processes which lead to fewer corrections needed throughout the manufacturing process

Robotics and Automation

Robotics are used for a lot of different types of jobs and have created a new standard for precision. Mundane tasks that are repetitive can easily be done by a programmed robot. Heavy lifting, as well as manufacturing jobs that need a large amount of precision, are also being handed over to robots. 

Robotics allows for consistency that you can’t get from a human. Robotics allows for automated processes. The more processes that become automated the more consistency you will have between factories. They are also helpful with dangerous tasks that can be a safety concern for a human.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality puts people with the products before they are made. Software can change the view instantly when new specifications are entered. This adds a whole new element to the design process. 

Virtual reality is also used when training workers so that they can experience machines without wasting composite materials or entering any dangerous situations without proper training.

Laser Machining

Laser machining and welding make quick processes with high-precision for manufacturers. Laser technology reduces the amount of heat on the materials with its increased precisions. This gives you less wasted parts when materials crack or have poor jointing, creating safer and more accurate products. 

IT Integration

Connecting people with information is what the internet is for. New advanced manufacturing technology makes that connection to machines and systems stronger. A strong network of communication among tasks on the manufacturing floor makes for fewer mistakes. Feedback and corrections can be handled electronically instead of manually by manufacturers. This improves efficiency and leads to fewer maintenance issues. 

Network access to the different phases of the manufacturing process provides instant feedback and notifications when anything comes up that needs a worker’s attention. This saves time and money on technology issues and repairs. 

Quality data collection and storage are at the center of seamless service

Cloud Computing

Cloud solutions make your information both safe and accessible. Storing information on the cloud allows employees to access it from anywhere and any device with internet access. Any changes to a project are seen by everyone in real-time leading to fewer communication errors. It also allows for less downtime where employees are waiting on information.  

Keeping production teams connected inside and out of the production facility is essential for efficient collaboration. Cloud solutions help teams keep up with the demand in communication.  

Transform Your Manufacturing Management Process 

Learning about new manufacturing process technologies allows you to make informed decisions for your factories. Advanced manufacturing centers take advantage of the ability technology has to connect machines and systems to create the most efficient process for manufacturing products

Take the time to analyze systems and assembly solutions. It is in the details of the automation systems that you see where you are saving a company exponential amounts. 

Keep Up With Changing Market Trends 

Advanced manufacturing technology at its core is creating innovative solutions for manufacturing-based business development. From manufacturing products to the packaging and distribution of those products. Advanced manufacturing technology is the push for the future and better processes. Embracing it is an investment in your company‘s future. 

Modern manufacturing is run by technology. You need technology that is up to date and running smoothly so that it doesn’t slow down a facility’s flow. Keeping your gears moving starts with your IT Network. Spot Migration can help you come up with the best IT support and service solutions for storing your data and keeping it accessible and safe. We provide stand-out tech support for the manufacturing industry.

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