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What does IT Support Stand For?

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Best Practices

What does IT Support Stand For? / Your Guide to IT Support

You may have heard the term IT support before, but what does it mean?

Knowing what IT support is and how it helps your teams with business technology can significantly improve your bottom line – especially now. Today’s information technology (IT) has taken a front seat in business, placing greater demands for IT support services.

Cambridge Dictionary defines IT support as “technical help or knowledge provided by computing experts.” It is technology assistance either by a specific tech company and/or internal teams that can aid with a wide range of technology issues. Services include offering new IT solutions and installing, maintaining, protecting, and upgrading these solutions over time.

IT support provides technical assistance when you need it and proactively maintains your overall systems during times that don’t affect your user’s experience. IT support can be hired internally or externally by the hour, by the project, or at a flat fee per month for a wide range of managed services.

To better understand IT support’s benefits, let’s review what information technology is today and how IT support helps optimize it.

What is IT?

Information Technology

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines information technology as “the technology involving the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data.”

What does information technology stand for in terms? Business technology is the hardware, software, systems used for networking, internet, telecommunications, and other related electronic devices used to operate functions for a company. Common examples are:

  • Computers
  • Computer programs
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Digital and video recorders
  • Internet connection
  • Operating systems (Microsoft Linux, Mac)
  • Business applications (ERPS, Accounting Software, Project Management Systems, Asana, Monday.com, etc.)
  • Communications software (email, messaging, VoIP phones)
  • Data Storage(NAS, Backup Appliances)
  • Servers (both in-house and cloud-based)
  • Network Equipment (Switches, Firewalls, Access Points)

What Does an IT Person Do?

An IT person provides assistance with technology implementation and supervision. This person maintains, protects, and upgrades all of your IT and assists with creating systems as needs arise. 

As time has gone by, systems advancements have provided huge benefits, but keeping up on the technology and providing timely and ongoing assistance with needed tweaks and security protections can be a weight on your admin team. This is where an IT support person comes in.

What Does an IT Support Person Do?

An IT Support person aids your team with all of their important work, ensuring your systems work as intended. Their capabilities range from smaller tasks to full project planning and implementation to improve your systems so your technology better aligns with your business goals and improves employee productivity.

Some services include:  

Ways IT Support Benefits Your Business

Expertise in Today’s Technology


Technology is at the forefront of business, and it is constantly expanding and involving. Staying updated  on the latest companies for technology products is hard on your team. In addition, each solution has specialized adaptation and security requirements your  team or company  will need to know.  

Outsourced IT support teams have deep training, knowledge, and in-depth experience with today’s wide range of advanced technologies. They offer business owners the most effective solutions for their needs.  Levels of service include:

  • Supplemental assistance, like protecting and improving systems, providing remote access services, or handling basic service calls.
  • Premium services, such as full installation and project planning and ongoing oversight of systems from top to bottom.

A Proactive Support Team that Reduces Risk

With an outsourced IT provider you get a team that works proactively instead of reactively. They do a deep dive into your business and your current systems. They ensure you have the safest and most reliable systems and ensure optimal security protections are in place from the start. They also offer regular monitoring and maintenance to limit new issues. If issues arise, they look for the root causes that will completely resolve the issues going forward.

Services range from simple, practical advice for current systems to full systems upgrades. They also go the extra mile by offering flat fee-based services so the teams at your company  reach out with issues without the worry of additional charges. Increasing communication helps stop issues before they grow into larger problems. 

Immediate Assistance that Benefits You and Your Clients

Loss of system functionality and data can be detrimental to your profit and reputation. When technical issues arise, IT support can offer 24/7 assistance over the phone, email, or online. Your IT service team can provide reliable service with fast response times , that aid with recovery to help you maintain client expectations. In most cases, issues can be resolved during initial contact. When issues are more complex, you can receive more in-depth service within a few hours. In addition, you will benefit from in-person and remote service for improved speed and convenience, leading to increased client satisfaction. 

Ongoing IT Reporting

You can enjoy regular reporting on systems statuses and costs for maintaining and upgrading each system. From computers to servers and software subscriptions, you know what systems you use, how they perform, their security and backup statuses, and when licensing renewals are due.

The Benefits of a Team

An outsourced IT Support Team has the breadth of knowledge and resources for any technology needs. Their comprehensive service also gives you a level of service. You have a full team of experts on your side with more hands on deck to resolve issues. Their combined expertise puts your business back on track quickly.  

IT Support Helps You Grow

IT support teams have firsthand experience with today’s top business systems to keep you competitive today and five years from now. They work to understand your business goals and know how to adjust current systems to achieve them. They also know what hardware, software, and network systems take your performance to the next level while ensuring the systems are scalable for future growth.

Training Capabilities

IT support can train staff on new programs, procedures, and cybersecurity strategies to ensure your employees use your technology to its full advantage and adapt today’s data protection strategies for improved security.

Any Level of Service, Large or Small

Whether you need a computer set up for a new employee or full project management, there is little an outsourced IT Support team can’t do for your business.

IT Support Saves You Time

Ongoing issues can be a massive time waster for your teams teams. IT support helps your teams with time-consuming setup, maintenance, and improvements to systems, and their fast response times result in getting your people back to work quicker. They further lighten the load by thoroughly understanding your business and technology systems to provide solutions that reduce issues moving forward. 

Outsourced IT Support Saves You Money

You don’t have to maintain a full staff to handle all technical issues, which saves you significantly on cost. In addition, you can benefit from a flat monthly rate for more complete service while maintaining your IT budget.

Spot Migration: For Quality IT Support

As a managed service provider, Spot Migration offers the full range of IT support services, and we can package our managed services in the ways you need them most. From smaller supplementation to full project planning and implementation, there is little we don’t do. In fact, you get all of this work at a flat monthly fee to maintain your IT budget.

Your IT team can’t do everything. As your managed service provider, we can help you when and how you need it most and provide solutions that boost profits to keep your business growing.

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