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They Can’t Get New Computer Setups Done Correctly (the 1st time)

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Business Advice, Productivity

I’m constantly amazed by how many prospective clients come to us with this complaint because it is so easy to fix. You order a new computer for your controller/civil engineer/field technician/etc, it goes to your IT company, they set it up, deploy it on site, and 30 minutes later you’re calling them again because something wasn’t installed or set up correctly. Now that employee can’t work so you’re paying both the employee who can’t work and the IT company for every hour of “troubleshooting” they need to fix their mess-up. Your IT company could easily fix this by creating a new computer step-by-step process for each department you have. Sales, HR, Accounting, you name it. They should all have a specific setup process. It is truly that simple.

Why doesn’t your IT company do this? They lack process and/or their billing model doesn’t benefit them to be proactive. If your IT company doesn’t attribute most of their success to process, then they probably have very little of it. The only way an IT company can deliver consistent results is by following a process & having a robust documentation system to house it. If your IT company can’t get a simple new computer setup correct, what do you think will happen when you need to do a larger IT project like migrate to a new server or to the cloud?

Further, if they make more money when they get it wrong, it is unlikely this will ever change. It’s just human nature to maximize revenue & they get more of it when it’s not quite right.

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