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These Tools Are Why Your IT Person Is Struggling To Keep Up

by | Nov 4, 2019 | Productivity, Tech Tips

Whether you have an in-house department of one or outsource your IT support, the right tools can make all the difference. Not only do these tools make things easier for your technician(s), but you and your office staff can take advantage of many benefits as well. Here’s a selection of must-have tools that your everyday IT person can’t get their hands on or just can’t keep up with.

What Tools Does Your IT Tech Need?


Ticketing Systems

Your IT person has to deal with a barrage of issues on a daily basis. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment and think about the reality of not having a solid ticketing system in place. How much time is wasted performing menial communication tasks? An IT technician should focus their time finding solutions to the problem at hand not accepting verbal requests, providing updates, or managing a complicated schedule.

A ticketing system eliminates a lot of those common frustrations. It can help your staff stay organized and boost productivity tenfold.

Larger outsourced IT companies typically utilize ticketing systems to manage requests coming in from every angle. Whether your office staff makes an IT request through the phone, e-mail, or even live chat, you can rest easy knowing that the problem is logged and prioritized accordingly. These systems also have the added perk of recording the type of work your team does. Those maintenance or repair records can eliminate a lot of the guesswork out of future endeavors, which cuts back on wasted time even more.

Documentation Tool

Documentation Systems

One of the biggest problems that IT technicians face is keeping track of documentation related to your equipment, software, and assets. A lot of that crucial information is spread throughout your company. It’s not uncommon for IT support to waste valuable time simply tracking down a password or important configuration information.

With a documentation system, all of that crucial data is kept in one safe space. These systems are quite versatile and offer a lot of great functionality. They’re not just for keeping documents organized. You can also use them to standardize practices across your company, keep private passwords secure, and more. All of this can be done while giving your IT team access to the documents they need in seconds.

Deep-Learning Security Software

It’s a constant battle these days for IT professionals. Cybersecurity threats are more rampant than ever. Not only that, but the kinds of threats your business faces continually evolves. It’s not enough for your IT staff to have access to standard cybersecurity software. If you want the most protection possible, you’ll need to equip your team with deep learning software.

Deep learning security software is all about predicting threats before they even happen. The highest form of artificial intelligence is used. Basically, the system is trained to identify new threats around the clock. It learns using both malicious and benign data, getting smarter as time goes on.

How does this benefit your IT team? Well, it eliminates the need to repeatedly remedy cybersecurity problems. Zero-day vulnerabilities can put a halt to your daily operations. By identifying those risks before they occur, your technicians will spend more time addressing other issues and less time learning about security threats.Deep Learning Tool

Automation Tools

Chances are, IT has dealt with the same request multiple times around your office. Imagine how much time they could save if they could automate some of those requests? With an automatic “fixit” tool, it’s possible.

Procedural-based solutions are an essential part of any modern IT toolset. Your technicians can be proactive about potential issues and deploy fixes throughout your entire infrastructure. This could include everything from security patches to specific pieces of productivity software. Whatever the case may be, having the ability to do so automatically and from one place can save your team a lot of time and resources.

Is Your IT Team Properly Equipped?

IT support plays a critical role in your company. While they may not deal with the core of your business, they certainly do a lot to keep things running smoothly day in and day out. The right tools can support your technician or IT team and improve efficiency across the board.

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