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Importance of Construction Technology

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Construction Industry

When was the last time you took the time to learn about the different types of construction technologies available to your company? If you’re not sure, then it’s been too long.

Technology in the construction industry is quickly changing and allowing businesses to complete projects in a safer and more efficient manner. Although you’ve likely used various types of software to help complete administrative tasks, there is an abundance of advanced construction technology that is available for use in the field.

Spot Migration wants to help your construction business succeed by sharing how new technology can benefit construction firms. Keep reading for more information.

Construction Technology Improves Decision Making

Intelligent modeling allows for designers, contractors, architects, and other decision-makers to virtually alter a building’s design. This technology also gives information about the possible impacts on labor and material costs as well as time constraints.

The ability to make hypothetical changes during an ongoing project and to see the potential outcomes will improve your team’s capacity to make cost-effective decisions. Additionally, the use of this type of construction technology will improve the chances of the construction phase staying within the set timeframe and budget.

Promotes Fluid Communications

A few short years ago, building plans had to be emailed back and forth to answer questions, approve budget changes, and make improvements. With the use of cloud technology and various mobile apps, this is no longer the case.

Instead, this process can be completed by simply leaving a comment in the document about a proposed idea. Each party is notified about the changes, comments, concerns, or suggestions, and can respond accordingly in real time. These activities can be completed in a matter of moments, with an easy-to-follow record of changes, keeping everyone in agreement about how the project proceeds. 

Cloud technologies keep project teams on the same page to maximize collaboration. These resources allow for a more positive team environment and communication.

Mobile technology allows this collaboration to happen at almost any location. Employees have access to documents in their pockets allowing for more opportunities to communicate during on or offsite construction

Increases Productivity

To increase the overall worker productivity of each job site, artificial intelligence may be used to sift through data that is collected in the field. This data may come from equipment tracking sensors and smartphone applications that track workers’ movements throughout the day.

Once all of the data is analyzed, this machine learning technology may offer insights that can improve construction methods, minimizing the amount of time spent retrieving various materials. This information is used to streamline field construction methods.

Additionally, your construction company may wish to implement the use of drone technology to document a project’s daily progress. The photographs and scans of job sites can be compared against your construction schedule and 3D models to help determine how the project is advancing or if changes should be made to meet upcoming deadlines.

Construction Technology May Help to Predict Outcomes

Consistently using AI technology throughout construction projects will allow these programs to collect information that may help you to predict the outcomes of future jobs. These predictions can help improve your ability to create successful construction bids while maintaining your profit margins. Construction professionals can provide quality service while writing a contract for a customer.

The outcome of a future job or proposal isn’t the only type of prediction that AI can make. This technology can also inform firms of any errors made as well as how they may affect the end result of each job. This implementation can be helpful when determining how/if corrections should be made with construction activities

These processes allow for greater performance and focus on results when planning construction activity. Thus eliminating the risk of breaking ground without a solid framework. This step avoids the challenges that come with changing a plan halfway through construction.  

This project management software is a game-changer for a design team. Having virtual designs that transform with each piece of new information allows for greater quality control. Business models are transformed with the number of issues dismantled by using pre-construction technologies in the workforce. 

Firms save large sums of money with opportunities to fix issues before breaking ground. Business models that take advantage of these technologies save money for construction firms

Enhances Job Site Safety and Worker Training

Job sites can be dangerous places and without proper training, they can be deadly. The construction process can be made safer by using augmented and virtual reality simulators to improve worker training.

This quality technology allows workers to experience different conditions and aspects of construction site hazards including the use of heavy equipment, working in cramped spaces, or managing a task from rooftop heights.

Firms may also choose to include adaptive signage innovation that displays safety checklists or reminders regarding PPE. The applications of construction technologies to enhance the overall worker safety at construction sites is almost limitless.

Cost Management of Labor & Materials

Having efficient construction teams and a cost-effective supply chain are two of the biggest ways that construction companies can manage costs. However, poor recordkeeping practices can negate the built-in profits of both of these factors. Thus making it imperative to ensure that time tracking solutions and expenditures are notated clearly in construction project management.

Although there are several types of technology that can handle this task, a software solution that is designed for the billing methods used by construction companies is ideal. Your resource management team can easily see the costs of materials, the hourly rates of workers, how much time is spent on a job site, and other details that allow your team to make better cost management decisions and regulations.

How Will Construction Technology Improve Your Business?

Implementing new tech trends in construction technology will help your business gain a competitive edge over other companies in your area by improving your services, bidding abilities, increasing job site safety, and allowing for clear, concise communication with subcontractors.

Each of these factors can help keep your costs low further driving a client’s desire to work with your company on future projects while also keeping your profit margins above average.

If you are interested in learning about how your construction management can implement the latest advancement in field technology or would like to improve the efficiency of your infrastructure, systems, and networks, book a call with the experts at Spot Migration.

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