I recently met with a company who we were doing a security audit for because one of their employees fell for a phishing attack that compromised their email and they were worried about what else could be compromised. While there were a number of security issues that came back, what the President didn’t expect to learn was the productivity hit they were taking.


The IT Audit Results

When I talk to owners of small businesses about restricting websites I frequently hear from them that they don’t want to be dictators with draconian policies. That their small business has a family feel and they don’t care if their staff looks at Facebook every now and then. Well, imagine you have 30 employees and you run a security audit for 1 week on only company-owned computers (no mobile phone traffic included) and you get this back:


Keep in mind that this company does not use Social Media for business purposes. For comparison’s sake, they mainly use the webmail version of Hosted Exchange for work purposes:


But the even bigger kicker came when we looked at their video streaming activity:


The President couldn’t believe that employees had the gall to watch TV while at work, nor how they even got away with it. Needless to say, he was surprised and irritated by how much productivity loss was occurring.


The Solution 

Now, you can add policies to your employee handbook and hope that your staff will adhere to it, or you can force them to adhere to it by using a Website Content Filtering solution. After you implement content filtering when one of your employees tries to go to a restricted website, they will be blocked from getting to the website and will instead see this message:


High tech parents can even use content filtering at home. As you can see some parents like to have fun with it, but the premise is the same.

Content Filtering Example


We recommend blocking the following categories:

  • Dating
  • Gambling
  • Games
  • Jobs
  • Movies
  • Pornography
  • Proxy/Anonymizer
  • Social Networking
  • Television


Final Thoughts

I’ve heard owners say they don’t want to be “big brother” to their employees. The beauty of content filtering is that you can put a policy in place and never think about trying to control your employees’ internet usage again. On the flip side, you can also get a report of what your employees are trying to do. We have a client who is using the report as proof to fire an employee who continuously tries to go to pornographic websites.

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