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How Long Does Troubleshooting Take? ~ Spot Migration

by | May 3, 2021 | Business Advice

You pay for IT services and it makes sense you want to know what to expect from those services. You believe the service provider will help you but how long is this going to take? 

Time is money, so issues need to be taken care of as quickly as possible. How many hours are the systems going to be down? This is what a lot of businesses are thinking when they choose an IT support provider, but why is this question so hard to answer?

IT Issues are Complex 

Most service providers are hesitant to answer the question, “How long will this take?” This is because IT problems are more complex than they might seem at first. You are often seeing the final problem, but usually there is a chain reaction causing issues that lead to the problem that you see. 

So what you are looking at maybe simple, but behind the scenes it’s not. This is because the hardware and software settings that your company uses are meant to be very user-friendly. So at the face of the problem, it doesn’t look too bad. Operating systems are complex, and putting a one-size-fits-all solution on them would be foolish. 

Every Problem is Unique 

Spot Migration has years of experience with all types of IT issues, however, no two problems are exactly alike. We treat every problem as a unique problem so that we don’t jump to conclusions. 


We check over the behind-the-scenes workings and files of your system settings so we don’t miss a critical element to the issue. Spending additional time on an issue helps to ensure it doesn’t becoming a recurring issue.  

Technology is Always Changing

It is impossible for one person to know everything when it comes to technology. This is because new technology is always changing the systems that we know. The most highly trained professionals are good at what they do because they have learned and understand frameworks, not how to troubleshoot specific issues.

It is not always a pool of information that makes a professional good at what they do but rather their ability to understand how different types of systems work and the process to find those answers. 

What is Troubleshooting?

Troubleshooting is the investigation mode. It is not a quick fix. It is a systematic process where the symptoms of the problem are investigated, diagnosed, and the source of the problem is identified. 

Once this is identified they can take the steps to resolve it. The resolution of the problem is what you are waiting for on the other end, but you may not see the whole process of troubleshooting. A long-term fix may require an update to your settings or device.  

How Long Will It Take For Troubleshooting to Start?

This question is easier to answer. An IT provider will know the availability of their technicians and should be able to get someone on it fairly quickly.


However, no IT company is able to give you a concrete answer to how long the problem will take to fix. They can only estimate hours based on average times similar problems took in the past. For each problem, device, and company, that answer will be different. When choosing an IT support company there are a few things that you can look for to ensure your company will be getting the operating support and fast resolutions that it needs. 

24/7 Support

With Spot Migration, we have technicians in the United States available to talk to you 24/7. This gets the troubleshooting process started quicker than other companies that only have set working hours. Peak hours and holiday hours are more manageable for an IT company with 24/7 support set up because the customer service calls are not concentrated into 8 hour workdays.

Knowledge of Software Conflicts

When you have conflicting settings among applications and software programs, you will come up against long-term issues. A quality IT support service will help you understand the program settings and what your device can handle. When you have compatible software, your device will function smoother with less need for troubleshooting.  

When you have software that is not compatible with the device you’re using it on, it can slow down your system. For example, when you have a new application on an old device, that machine might not be equipped to handle the software. 

No Hidden Costs

Spot Migration doesn’t bill by hour so technology issues will not be met with a surprise bill. There are no hidden charges so that our clients can feel confident contacting us with any IT issue. 

We don’t charge for labor. No project fees, software updates, or new equipment installation fees. A simple flat-rate monthly fee allows you to budget and feel confident reaching out for any support you need or any update features.

Sometimes small IT issues are ignored and then they later become big issues that can’t be ignored. For example, you see update errors but everything else is working fine right now so you ignore them. 

When you have reliable support without extra fees, you don’t need to hesitate to ask questions or get help with small issues and updates. This helps minimize large issues that interrupt your company’s workflow. Having the right IT support and proactive solutions minimizes the need for the question, “How long will this take?”

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