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How Does IT Support Work?

by | Aug 3, 2021 | Common Questions

How Does It Support Work? / Benefits of an IT Support Work

As a business owner, your growth depends on safe and efficient technology systems that keep your business running smoothly. You may find you don’t have the right staff capable of handling the day-to-day IT tasks. Managing your current computer systems and making upgrades to new technology systems is important for your business to continue thriving. 

Employment growth is another place where you find a massive need for technology to be managed. As you grow in employee size, the complexity of your network also grows.

Keeping up with these IT needs can be a heavy weight on you and your in-house staff. It helps to get some help now and again, and this is where IT support comes in.  

Businesses have the option of hiring IT support in-house or contracting outside companies known as Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Of the two options, MSPs require less overhead and don’t require ongoing training costs at your expense. Still, owners are sometimes hesitant to work with outside IT support teams due to the potential of hidden charges. The good news is you can avoid hidden fees so that all costs are transparent. You just need to work with the right company.

In this article, we discuss what IT Support is, the benefits, and how to avoid hidden costs from an MSP.

How Does IT Support Work Exactly?

Let’s take a closer look at IT Support and what it offers.

What Is IT Support for Businesses?

IT Support for business is the support you receive for any of your IT needs. It can range from the big tasks, such as system upgrades and CIO-level strategy sessions with business owners, to small jobs, such as assisting with printing issues and other less demanding tasks of your in-house IT staff. You get IT support how and when you need it to ensure your company runs as it should.  

What Does an IT Support Person Do?

Here are some services you can expect from IT support person or company: 

  • Onsite technical support for you and your staff.  
  • Remote technical support, for fewer disruptions and faster response time.
  • Installation of all systems small to large. This encompasses all hardware, software, networks, and even more minor work such as installing printers and scanners and setting up new user accounts, operating systems, profiles, and passwords.
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance of computer networks and systems.
  • Troubleshooting network and system problems.
  • Configuration and replacement of hardware and software as needed.
  • CIO review to ensure all systems and solutions work in accordance with your business initiatives.
  • 24/7 immediate support when issues arise.

Strong IT Support Equates Directly to Better Profitability, but How?

Here are some key ways you will benefit financially:

  • Improved IT Services: Proper installation and monitoring ensures fewer issues and fewer obstructions each workday.
  • Improved IT Strategy: With a real IT strategy in place, your business will have faster and more robust systems allowing your people to be more productive than ever before.
  • 24/7 Service: IT issues can strike at any hour. Having someone there for your business no matter what time it is, make peace of mind a reality. 
  • IT Saves You Time: Gaining time back by using technology is inevitable, but how many extra hours you get back is dependant on how well your systems have been set up and the strategies you have in place. The more time that is saved the more time you can work on important business initiatives instead of keeping things afloat.
  • Clear Budgeting: A truly all-inclusive MSP only bills monthly at a flat fee. This means you always know what your IT services are going to cost you. This helps maintain cash flow and stay on budget. In fact, it lowers budgets by reducing the need for full-time IT staff.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small

A strong IT support company assists your business with the full range of technical tasks. You can benefit from CIO consulting and other advanced services for your next phase of growth. This includes smaller tasks, such as assistance for your IT staff when swapping out hardware, installing new patches for systems, or reworking your server room. This minor assistance may seem unnecessary for your IT staff, but a helping set of hands can be the thing that keeps them on track with their bigger tasks.

What Skills and Qualifications Should an IT Support Have?

Here are some important traits to look for when shopping for your MSP.

Education in Today’s Programs and Systems

Since many duties of an IT Support engineer range in complexity, the level of education can range from an entry-level education or associate’s degree to a bachelor’s degree, or even higher to meet the in-depth education requirements for your needs.

Many IT support officers complete certification programs and have direct training through business-specific programs to service a given business sector. An Electronic health records program is just one example. Typically, an MSP will have staff covering a wide range of training, including business information technology and business systems engineering.

Experience in Today’s IT Systems

An MSP can boost business performance and profits by improving company computer systems, hardware operating systems, and network systems. A quality MSP has experience with a wide range of today’s advanced systems and can use their expertise to incorporate this technology into your current framework. They can pinpoint gaps or problems in your existing systems, provide recommendation solutions, and incorporate any needed hardware, software, and network solutions. Once done, they provide ongoing maintenance and regularly upgrade your system to ensure you continually benefit from today’s advanced technologies. 

IT Support Skills 

A quality MSP has: 

  • Listening  Skills: Good solutions come from a deep understanding of the problems.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: They know the types of systems you use and need, and have strong attention to detail. They have a good memory and think logically.
  • Project Management Skills: They know how to prioritize solutions to fit your workload and business requirements. They also know how to manage implementations of any solution.
  • Communication Skills: They know to communicate effectively with company management.
  • Collaboration Skills: They know how to work with your people as a team.
  • Full CIO Services: They have higher-level business thinkers to help you guide the ship with regard to technology decisions.

How Much Does IT Support Cost?  

You can hire staff full-time or use an MSP. Hiring full-time staff is typically the highest out-of-pocket cost. It requires regular salaries with benefits, ongoing training, and in some cases, enough staff to cover full, 24-hour periods.

Full-time salaries can vary depending on the level of work and experience. As a general guide, an IT Support Specialist average salary in Chicago is $54,000 a year. For higher-level positions like Technical Support Managers in Chicago, the average salary is $99,000 a year.

Due to the costs, many companies use an MSP as needs arise. Though this equates to strong cost savings, the biggest holdback for businesses contacting IT support companies is the fear of hidden costs. For example, perhaps you need an extra set of hands rolling out new computers for people. You understood the hourly rate, but you didn’t know about the travel time fee, gas and milage fee, time and a half if they work during lunch hours, and double-time if they work before 9 or after 5.

The good news is that some IT companies charge a flat monthly fee. This brings two benefits: you have a clear understanding of what your IT costs will be each month, and everyone at your company can feel comfortable contacting the IT company no matter how big or small an issue is without fear of racking up a bill.

The Spot Migration Difference

If you are in the market for an IT support company, Spot Migration provides the full range of services from large to small at a set price per month. Our monthly fee is simple and transparent, helping you budget your monthly expenses cleanly without concern for hidden fees. And when we say no hidden fees, we mean it. This means:   

  • There are never any hourly rates.
  • There is no charge for additional labor.
  • There is never an extra charge for using our certified engineers.
  • Equipment setups and space planning are always included.
  • Remote services are included for prompt and non-intrusive support.
  • Onsite services remain fully available and included.
  • You get true 24/7 Support. Speak one on one with our team of technicians located within the US.
  • IT projects are included. 
  • Fractional CIO strategy sessions are included.


Spot Migration uses highly trained technicians and engineers with a deep knowledge of your systems. With our services, you get:   

  • Improved IT service, so you make the most of today’s technology and experience fewer errors. 
  • Intelligent technology roadmaps that keep your business functioning and boost profitability.
  • Expertise in handling any task large or small.
  • Experience working directly with upper-level managers.
  • Experience working in close collaboration with your existing IT staff.

All of these traits come at a competitive monthly rate, reducing your overhead and letting you focus on what’s more important – growing your business. And that’s what it’s all about. 

Contact Spot Migration to find out more about our rates and business IT  services.

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