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Signs of Hardware Failure ~ Spot Migration

by | May 4, 2021 | Productivity, Tech Tips

Signs of Hardware Failure

Technology issues are not as sudden as they seem. There are usually quieter warning signs before that screeching halt that interrupts your company’s processes. Knowing the warning signs can allow you to reach out for tech support before you have an overly stressful situation on your hands. 

Technology Maintenance

You probably have some routines in place to keep your car up and running. Filling up on gas, changing the oil, tire rotation, etc. Investing in technology isn’t wise without keeping up with the maintenance involved to make sure your technology is working for you and not against you. 

Most people aren’t increasing the number of cars in their household so that maintenance stays pretty consistent throughout their life. Technology, however, plays a bigger role in businesses every year. New software and hardware are always being added to a company’s systems. 

If you feel like you’re always troubleshooting, you may need to rework the foundation of your technological processes. With larger software programs and more files being added as your company grows, you might want to replace your old server or move your company to a cloud-based solution

Here are some common warning signs you shouldn’t ignore:

Frequent Freezing and the Blue Screens of Death 

If your devices are freezing up or you experience the blue screen of death, this is your sign to back up your data as fast as you can. This can be a sign of hardware failure. You need to get your data somewhere safe before the equipment gives out. A blue screen is one of many common failure symptoms

Error Message

These are familiar. The error message that tells you a file is missing or corrupt? Program corruption errors? Boot errors? These are signs that your hardware is on its last leg. Corrupt files can indicate hardware failure in computers and other devices. 

The Click of Death

A clicking noise coming from inside your machine is not a sign of a healthy system. This is another common sign that your equipment is failing. Strange noises like this are from parts running out of sync. They are rubbing or hitting something they aren’t designed to touch. Again, backup your data and get on the phone with your tech support right away to minimize the damage to your company information and files. 

Your System keeps Switching Files to Read Only

This is another sign that your system is slowly deteriorating. If you are still experiencing file errors and these read-only files after extensive repairs, you may need the entire server replaced. Keep backing up your data frequently until you can get a long-term solution. 

Overactive Fan

Fans keep your hardware from overheating. When you are using large programs for an extended amount of time, it is normal for your fans to start cooling the system down. 

If you hear your fan running even when you are not using the computer much, this can be a sign that your fan is failing. On the other hand, if your fan isn’t turning on after you have used intensive programs all day, your fan might also be failing. 

The sounds your fan makes are also an indicator of how well it is working. If the sound becomes irregular or changes, you might want to get it checked.  

Equipment Shut Downs

Equipment will shut down when overheated. As long as your machines have proper ventilation, random crashes tell you your hardware is failing. When something inside the equipment is not working properly, the equipment shuts off in defense to minimize loss and prevent further damage. This is one of the more obvious signs that you need IT support right away. 

Software Issues

A computer crash can also be software-based. If your computer’s specifications don’t work for an application your computer will have a hard time working efficiently and may stop working altogether. Some modern versions of applications are not compatible with older systems. An IT company can help you understand what applications will work with your current systems so that you don’t overload your system and experience application crashes


Similarly, if you have two software elements wanting to use the same hardware piece at the same time, your computer might struggle. This is a hardware conflict. Working with experts will help you to be proactive and see complications before they become a big problem for your company.  


Hardware Companies Support Agreements

Hardware companies offer support agreements to assist you when the hardware fails. This way you have manufacturer support in your time of need. Some agreements even provide you with replacements for common failures. These agreements can save you time and money so make sure you are aware of what is available to you through your equipment’s manufacturer. 

IT Support Services

Spot Migration provides many companies with IT support and proactive plans to make sure their technology is receiving the maintenance it needs. When you have a company that is available 24/7, you have peace of mind that any issue will get taken care of quickly. 

Spot Migration provides IT services at a simple flat monthly fee. This means you won’t have any extra fees for reaching out with issues whenever you need support. Having this predictable system with no surprise bills helps you feel confident in calling for support when you are experiencing warning signs. When you wait until the issue has completely stopped your company’s critical processes, you are forced to waste valuable time.  

Be proactive. Don’t wait for a big disaster to strike before you pay attention to the warning signs. Get the support you need to create an IT strategy that will keep your company growing towards your long-term business goals. Consider strategic planning solutions from Spot Migration.

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