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Are you struggling to afford full time IT personnel on staff, or are you feeling like there isn’t enough work to keep them busy full time? Have you been feeling let down by your in-house IT employees? Is it time to try something different? Is IT Outsourcing right for you?

Here are 5 reasons to outsource your IT:

1. Save money

Techs are expensive and the majority of small businesses can neither afford nor justify the high cost of good techs or IT managers. From what we’ve seen, it’s rare that it fiscally makes sense to have in-house IT staff until you have 250+ employees. Outsourced IT providers have  much better economies of scale since they usually have a team of engineers that specialize in different technologies, therefore making them far more efficient than an individual internal tech learning on the job. Plus, you’ll often get a whole team for less than what it would cost you to hire one internal IT staff person— and you don’t have to pay for their vacation time, benefits, or spend time hiring, training and managing them.

2. Gain a competitive edge

Technology can be the big equalizer between small and large businesses.  But it does require attention: monitoring, maintenance, upgrades and refreshes – not to mention repairs.  This seemingly endless barrage of tech issues drastically takes away from your key business functions.  A well-qualified IT provider can help you get your edge back by allowing you to focus less on the back office and more on your core competencies – you know, the reason you got into business in the first place. Additionally, they have access to a huge number of vendors and resources alike. This means they can often get you better pricing on hardware and software and develop solutions that are scalable and grow with your business.

3. Improve employee productivity

Like most small businesses, you probably have one or two staff members who have become the de facto “computer expert”.  Most got this simply by not being afraid to noodle with the computers as opposed to having any real measurable skill.  And the reality is it probably isn’t the reason they were hired in the first place, is it? Outsourcing your IT services allows your staff to focus fully on what they were trained to do, not on technology problems. The time that employees spend troubleshooting their own technology problems is a hidden cost often not considered. Further, outsourced IT support providers have technology in their DNA – they can provide a vastly superior experience to “the guy in the warehouse who fixed the computer last time”.

4. Mitigate risk

Today’s technical systems are better than ever but still, infrastructure breaks down and sometimes it fails – miserably.  This translates into downtime, higher costs and lost data.  A great outsourced IT support company knows how to mitigate this risk through monitoring your network for pre-failure indicators, consistent maintenance, industry best practices and – above all else – expert consultation and technology road mapping. A good IT provider will get to know your business, how costly network downtime is for you, and then suggest solutions to minimize risk where it makes business sense.

5. Control IT costs and spending better

If you decide to go with an outsourced IT support provider, go with one that charges a flat monthly rate. As attractive as an hourly rate might seem sometimes, it will bite you in the ass. With a flat-rate you’ll be able to get all the IT support you need for a predictable and budgetable amount. It also motivates your IT provider to keep your network in tip-top shape because the less problems you have, the more profitable you are as a client. They’ll also warn you months ahead time about upgrades you need to do so you’re never surprised.


Bottom Line: Lower operational expenses, increased uptime, and lower staff overhead are all great reasons to consider outsourcing as a cost efficient option. Let your outsourced IT provider worry about your technology, so you can focus on growing your business.


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