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Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud ~ Spot Migration

by | Feb 3, 2015 | Cloud

Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud

You keep hearing you should have your company’s data on the cloud but maybe you are having doubts? If you are wondering if this change will be for the better, you have come to the right place. 

Cloud solutions help many companies’ processes, but there are some situations where you will be better off without them. Do the benefits make the cost worthwhile? 

Situations When You Should Not Move to The Cloud

If you are thinking about moving your company’s data over to the cloud entirely on your own then you might have walked right into one of those situations. The cloud isn’t your best option. Using a professional service will help you migrate everything where it needs to be without losing any important information. 

Are You Saving Money with Cloud-Based Solutions?

When moving to the cloud you want to make sure you have the right circumstances set up for it. If you need to change a lot of your system to make it compatible with cloud software, then perhaps a cloud infrastructure isn’t as cost saving as you thought it was. 

The bandwidth requirements for your cloud plan may be more than you have. This could slow down your system and cause new tech issues. It’s important to factor in the cost of any upgrades you will need in addition to your cloud prices

Will You Experience Cloud Outages?

A good cloud provider provides steady and reliable services. However, cloud outages can happen to even the best companies. If your business absolutely must have data available 24/7, you might not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. A company at this level may need more than one storage platform. 

Do You Need Increased Storage? 

Cloud storage gives you more space and flexibility in case your storage needs change. Are your current storage needs enough for your business? If you are happy with your current storage setup then this big push to move to the cloud might not be something that applies to you. 

What are your current storage costs? Small businesses might not be spending a large amount on storage in the first place. So, why change? A small business may only need on-premise disk storage with good cloud backup. This may be the cheaper option

Is an Outsourced IT Provider What You Want?  

Once you sign up for a cloud computing service provider you may be stuck with an outsourced IT staff. For a lot of companies, this is what they are looking for and it makes sense. Other companies may want to have more control over their technology experience. Will they push you into upgrades that you wouldn’t have paid for without IT services? 

Do Cloud-Based Technologies Make You More Mobile? 

The cloud gives your team access to information from anywhere with an internet connection. This can also be done with remote desktop connections that give employees access to their work computers from home. Are your employees having connection issues

You have to consider if moving to the cloud will help you to do business better or if you can accomplish the same thing using a remote connection. Many software companies are building cloud access into their software so you may already be using the cloud. Web-based email, calendars, and certain applications are all using the cloud.  

Mobility is built into today’s internet savvy systems. Those companies are the ones who have to worry about software upgrades and other components of the system that need to stay compatible with the cloud. 

Are Cloud Providers More Secure?

A small business should check the cost of a business-grade firewall for their security technology. It may be $1000 – $2000 and just as secure as what the cloud provider gives you with the cloud subscription. Your individual company systems, security measures, and customer details will determine whether you need additional security.  

It’s also important that you are picking a cloud provider that is as secure as they say they are. All cloud companies are not created equal. It is easy to say that they take security seriously but are their processes enough to eliminate risk? Is the lesser risk factor equivalent to the cost of the services? 

There are plenty of cases where moving to the cloud just makes sense. It’s important to think about all of your options so that you know when the cloud isn’t the best idea. Educating yourself on the potential challenges of cloud solutions will help you to make an informed decision.  

Just because something is right for someone else’s business doesn’t mean it will be right for you. Business systems have different-sized teams accessing data. Certain business models will do better with the advancement of cloud solutions than others. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons so that you feel confident when moving to the cloud.  

Need Help?

The benefits of cloud solutions are clear. But there are some situations where you may be better off without them. As your business grows and changes, it’s important to review the options available to you in order to find the best solution that will work for your company. That is why we offer a complimentary consultation with our experts who can help advise you on what type of service would make sense for your company today based on current and future needs or goals. Contact us today if you have any questions about how we can help.

Need Help?

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