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RestorGenex | Spot Migration

“Response time after putting in a ticket was very fast, usually quicker than I expected. I came in one morning and one of my coworkers told me that they thought our internet was down. By the time I got to my desk I already had a message from Spot saying, “By the way, your internet is down, we’re already working on it.” I hadn’t even put a request in! So it takes stress off of me when I’m home or on vacation. If something is blowing up at the office, I know someone is taking care of it.”

Business Manager

PMI | Spot Migration

"Spot Migration truly cares about our business. One day we had a switch go out during our busy season, so every hour of network downtime costs us a lot of money. All of Spot Migration’s field techs were out on projects, so Will, the President of the company, left a meeting early and personally drove up to our facility with a new switch and replaced the dead one. We were up and running within 2 hours."

PMI Photography, Inc.

Thybony | Spot Migration

"Clark had to call in for tech support this morning…got a prompt response and fix. Glad to have you guys aboard."

General Manager
Thybony Co.

PB | Spot Migration

"We’ve expanded our operations from 3 locations to 5 and increased our staff by 25% and we have more locations and staff coming online in the next 6 months. This was previously unthinkable with our limited resources. Spot Migration has allowed us to scale in ways we never could before!"

Director of IT
Chicago Journeyman Plumbers

Paul B Testimonial pic
Pro-Line Packaging | Spot Migration

"Will and Spot Migration have made my life incredibly easy. I no longer have employees coming to me complaining about IT issues. They even put together customized new employee computer packages for me so all I have to do is tell them when and what kind of an employee is starting and they take care of the rest- from purchasing to setup."

Pro-Line Packaging, Inc.

Davidsil Testimonial pic
Artec Construction | Spot Migration

"What I really appreciate about Spot Migration is when I call, my IT issues are handled immediately. In most cases, I have a call back from a qualified IT technician within 30 minutes and the problem is resolved on the spot remotely, or my ticket is escalated and I can follow it online."

Artec Construction

Arthur Kitlas Testimonial pic
Gray Matters | Spot Migration

"We hadn’t realized how much we were losing until Spot Migration came in. We were losing days of work to productivity losses because our employees were trying to solve their own computer problems. We even had a small disaster happen. Spot Migration came in as a life saver that quickly got us in working order, all while giving us tips and tricks on ways to prevent future problems."

Gray Matters Group

JoH Testimonial pic


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